Tracking Environmental Progress

The BIEC conducts surveys of Publishers, Printers and Paper Manufacturers every two years. While these surveys focus primarily on the use of recycled fiber and third party certified papers, they also contain questions regarding corporate policies and practices.

Anonymity is central to the surveys.  Only aggregate results for the industry sector are reported, and the BIEC goes to great lengths to guarantee the confidentiality of all data gathered from survey participants.  The survey is administered, collected, aggregated, and analyzed by an objective 3rd party.

In 2008, Green Press Initiative (the original founding force of the BIEC) and the Book Industry Study Group released Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts: Findings from the U.S. Book Industry. This groundbreaking report provided the first comprehensive analysis of the U.S. book industry’s environmental impacts and carbon footprint. It is the goal of today’s BIEC to conduct surveys every two years to monitor how key environmental metrics are changing.  Continuously evaluating the book industry’s progress on environmental issues will help the BIEC identify where the industry has been most successful and where future efforts should be focused.

Results of Previous Tracking Surveys (2014 Data)

Results of Previous Tracking Surveys (2012 Data)

Results of Previous Tracking Survey(2009 and 2010 Data)