Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Book Industry Environmental Council?

The Book Industry Environmental Council is a group of publishers, printers, paper suppliers and nonprofit organizations that are collaborating to track environmental progress and share information to minimize the book industry’s impact on the environment.

Who Participates in the Council?

Click here to see a list of participants.

How does the BIEC make decisions?

As is detailed in the bylaws of the BIEC, proposals from the subcommittees require a majority vote from the full council.

A member company or organization is permitted to have multiple representatives participate in BIEC meetings, but each company/organization only receives one vote regardless of the number of representatives.

How do companies join the BIEC?

Prospective members must complete an application which is available here.
To become a member of the BIEC a company or organization must…

  • Complete a membership application
  • Agree to accept and act in conformance with the Mission Statement of the BIEC as described in the bylaws.
  • Maintain active participation in calls, meetings and BIEC sponsored events
  • Pay and stay current with applicable annual membership dues
  • Agree to lawful, cooperative collaboration within antitrust guidelines as outlined in the BIEC’s Antitrust Compliance Policy
  • Gain approval for membership by a majority vote of current BIEC members

Preview Membership is available to all prospective members.  Preview Membership entitles the Preview Member company to all activities up to and including the Spring or Fall meeting – whichever is closer to the beginning of the Preview Membership.  After those meetings, the Preview Member has 30 days to complete the above application process and pay dues, or else forfeit membership privilege.  Any company is entitled to only 1 Preview Membership.

How can I get more information?

If you would like more information about the BIEC please contact info@bookcouncil.org.