About Us

About Us

The Book Industry Environmental Council (BIEC) is an exciting and one-of-a-kind collaborative group that works to make book publishing as environmentally responsible as it can be. Representatives on the council are generally the leaders of their own companies’ environmental stewardship efforts, most with vast knowledge of the many drivers of environmental concern across the book publishing industry. Membership is open to the entire book publishing supply chain – retailers, book distributors, publishers, printers, paper merchants, and paper mills.

Established in 2005 and led at the time by Green Press Initiative, the group originally worked to identify environmental concerns common to all segments of the market, to establish best practices, and ultimately to try to set environmental policy and benchmarks for the book publishing market. After several attempts to establish industry environmental standards spanning years, the group decided to redefine its priority as an informational forum.

As of Spring 2014, the BIEC is now led by Lisa Serra, Director Corporate Paper, at Scholastic Inc. and Bill Rojack, VP Sales, Midland Paper Company. They have both served leadership roles across the council for many years, and it is under their guidance that the group has shifted to its new focus. According to Rojack, “Our membership is a powerful collective mind that thrives in an open forum, but we must be mindful of competing corporate agendas. Standard setting, while noble, simply can’t be the goal of this group if we expect to get anything done.” Serra adds, “our membership also demands and deserves a true return on their investment, so we have a strong focus on adding value that our members can’t find anywhere else.”

Today’s BIEC is focused on education through identifying environmental best practices; tracking industry trends; identifying environmental pitfalls or concerns across the book publishing market; and providing a forum for solution solving, discussion, and debate.

The BIEC is made up of experienced and broad based corporate environmental stewards who are each involved in making books in different ways. We focus on the constant changes in EPA regulations, environmental legislation, environmental initiatives by publishers and suppliers, campaigns by environmental organizations, and new research and science that can inform best practices.

The priority areas are

  • Sharing information about issues and best practices to address climate impacts, resource use, and sustainability in the book industry.
  • Tracking environmental progress of the book industry.
  • Investigating strategies for reducing returns, increasing paper recovery, and keeping books out of landfills as they come to End-Of-Life.

A full list of the participants is available here.
The bylaws of the BIEC can be viewed here.


If you have questions or comments regarding the Book Industry Environmental Council or if you would like more information about joining, please contact info@bookcouncil.org.